Corowa Market Report

By Corowa Free Press

Numbers continue to lift with a further increase of approximately 2,000 for a mixed quality yarding with all weights and grades offered. 

There was a total yarding of 17,160 lambs and sheep, 2,410 up on last week’s market.

Further heavy and extra heavy lambs were available this week along with an excellent quality and quantity of trade lambs. 

Re-stockers continue to participate across the light lamb category with after a fabulous Autumn break. 

The regular field of processors were present and operating fully across a softer market in the lamb category.

Despite a good supply of finished trade lambs, domestic processors were reluctant to pay last week’s prices with the light and medium weights selling from $186 to $220, easing $4 to $6 and heavy trade, 22-24kg eased $11, making from $211 to $233/head to average 946c/kg cwt. 

Domestic and export competition continued across lines of heavy lambs, however, prices eased $18 selling from $218 to $246/head. The biggest price correction occurred across the extra heavy export lambs, easing $13 to $23, selling from $237 to $304/head to average 936c/kg cwt.

There was a better supply of light lambs suiting the export processors selling from $125 to $186 and the re-stocker lambs sold from $53 and $152/head. 

The market continued to be strong with lifts up to $15/head in places. Heavy cross bred ewes sold from $220 and $293 to average from 755c and 824c/kg cwt and heavy merino ewes reached up to $245/head. Light sheep sold from $112 to $200/head. 

A large offering of merino wethers weighing between 18-24kg, sold from $171 to $210/head to average from 752c to 836c/kg cwt.



B O’Connor Jindera 23 $304.00 ELD

ARD & CM Ferguson Rennie 74 $233.00 BUR

GL & RA Siedel Walbundrie 91 $275.00 ELD

AW & WM Strachan Balldale 125 $269.00 ELD

G Close Finley 67 $268.00 ELD

KR & T Williams Rand 77 $265.00 ELD

KW & IM Thomas Walla Walla 58 $258.00 PSL

Kohlhagen F/T Walla Walla 115 $256.00 PSL

AP & RB O’Keefe Culcairn 100 $246.00 PSL

IV, MV& M Wilson Gerogery 141 $243.00 PSL

GL Pritchard Jarvis Creek 86 $243.00 PSL

Lake Boga Contracting Numurkah 99 $240.00 PSL


Jewell Farming Finley 94 $210.00 ELD

G & L McLellan Rand 23 $206.20 ELD

M & C Doyle Tungamah 63 $202.20 ELD

SA Hood Deniliquin 112 $198.00 PSL

Cragdurrock Trust Balldale 126 $190.00 PSL

RP Buntin F/T Oaklands 126 $185.00 PSL

Nixon Partners Savernake 56 $184.00 PSL


ARD & CM Ferguson Rennie 20 $288.20 BUR

Lotus Oak Tocumwal 38 $288.00 ELD

CW Scott & Co Omeo 27 $284.20 ELD

C Briggs Norong 34 $277.20 ELD

Valeclare Farm Corowa 39 $278.20 PSL

Tarara Past Co Barnawartha 19 $274.20 BUR

DG & HT Lieschke Walla Walla 16 $260.00 PSL

Jennifer Christensen Henty 12 $251.00 PSL

J & R Machochie Wymah 14 $237.20 PSL


A & R Newton Walla Walla 80 $247.20 ELD

Loorana Past Mulwala 35 $186.20 PSL

Avalands Past Walla Walla 23 $185.00 PSL